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What does it take to be the best?

High performers touch all variables, and acheiving true success means approaching competitive gaming with research-back methods. 

It means applying science, and addressing any possible factor that can give you an advantage.

Because if you don't, your competition will. 



Host. Expert Guest. Speaker. Panelist. 

Doc has experience hosting live shows, including Twitch Original "Hit the Lab" and NWHL Open Ice. She has been featured on hundreds of podcasts and panels discussing the state of esports health, performance, and medicine. 

To book one of the foremost experts in esports health, contact us.


Clinics. Workshops. Program Development. Curriculum. Original Content. 

As the esports industry grows, players, coaches, and organizations are realizing the importance of developing effective health and performance programs. However, tackling these complex topics with a medical degree can be challenging, and knowing who to trust even more difficult. 

Doc has years of experience treating both traditional and esports athletes, and building curriculum to tackle the intricacies of esports performance from the ground up.

Clinics & Workshops

Small group sessions focused on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and other aspects of sports science that can be applied to elevate performance and improve player career longevity.

Courses can be tailored for players, coaches or investors. 

Elevate your gameplay using real science, from a real doctor. 

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